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IT’S   A   BOY!!!   Rachael   and   Zach   are   thrilled   to   announce   that   their baby   will   be   a   boy!   They   are   naming   him   Kason   Vann   Flowers. We can’t wait for his arrival on August 2nd! Congratulations   to   Rachael   and   Zach,   who   just   found   out   they are   expecting   their   first   baby!   Baby   Flowers   is   due   August   2nd. Please   be   in   prayer   for   a   safe   and   easy   pregnancy   and   delivery, when that time comes. Congratulations   to   The   Shireys,   who   were   chosen   to   sing   on Main    Stage    at    Gatlinburg    Gathering    2016    from    the    Saturday afternoon Artist Showcase.

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