Based out of West Columbia, SC, The Shireys is a group consisting of three vocalists who have traveled throughout the entire USA. This full-time, traveling, vocal ministry is a family group consisting of Wayne and Darlene Shirey, and their daughter, Rachael.  Those who know the ministry of the Shireys know that their sole desire is to lift up Christ through message-filled music and testimony.  While they strive for excellence in each area of performance, their focus is on the souls of the listeners.  You will be encouraged and uplifted as you experience the ministry that is the Shireys. 

Wayne and Darlene, both, carry on Gospel music from their roots, where their families were singers, ministers, and musicians in their local area throughout their childhood.  There is no better harmony than family harmony. With their dynamic blend, and anointed song writing, the Shireys bring not only a sound, but also an experience unlike any other.  The Shireys present a compelling musical collection encompassing every area of the Gospel genre.  The stylistic diversity is achieved by the anointed writings of Darlene, Rachael, and their other daughter, Victoria Bowlin. From the classic “Camp Meeting style” to the progressive ear, there is truly something for every age.

It is the earnest desire of the Shireys to usher each listener into the presence of God, and stand in awe at how He will work. So, what can you expect at a Shireys concert?  It has been said that you can buy a ticket for the whole seat, but you'll only need the edge!

Awards & Accolades Meet The Members

*2015 Beacon Award Nominees for Mixed Group of the Year
*2013 SGM Fan Award Nominees for Mixed Group of 
  the Year
*2013 Beacon Award Nominees for Group of the Year
*2012 Beacon Award Nominees for Group of the Year
*2010 Beacon Award Nominees for Group of the Year

*2010 Beacon Award Nominees for Quartet of the Year


          WAYNE                   DARLENE                 RACHAEL

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