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ALL THE WAY - CD Including Songs… 1. Watching And Waiting 2. That’s How You Know 3. Miracle Waiting To Happen 4. Another Empty Vessel 5. Because Of The Blood 6. On This Journey To His Throne 7. Why Should I Worry 8. We’re Almost Home 9. I’m Not The Same 10. I Met The Master 11. Love Goes A Mighty Long Way 12. I Must Be Getting Closer 13. Awake 14. All The Way $20.00 (s&h included) NEW SEASON - CD Including Songs… 1. Going to a City 2. Joy in the Morning 3. Ready To Go 4. Build My Mansion 5. There's Power in the Name of Jesus 6. All the Way 7. What a Wonderful Change 8. My God is Real 9. That's Why We Sing About Heaven 10. Traveling Up the Mountain 11. Amazing Grace $20.00 (s&h included) UNCONDITIONAL LOVE - CD Including Songs… 1. Who Wants To Praise The Lord 2. Little David 3. Silent Prayers 4. Let Your Will Be Done 5. Peace Be Still 6. Unconditional Love 7. Let Go And Let God 8. My Load Has Been Lifted 9. The Lord Stood By Me 10. There Is Jesus 11. Oh Happy Day $20.00 (s&h included) THE MISSING PIECE - CD Including Songs… 1. Greatly To Be Praised 2. I'm Free 3. By The touch Of Your Hand 4. Knock On Heaven's Door For You 5. Just Any Day Now 6. All For Me 7. What Can I Do 8. I'm Gonna Rise 9. Claim Your Healing 10. I'm Telling You 11. The Missing Piece $20.00 (s&h included)


Sow a seed into The Shireys’ ministry by making a donation below. CAROLINA CHRISTMAS - CD Including Songs… 1. Christ Is Born 2. The Savior Of The World Is Here 3. Oh Holy Night 4. I Wanna Hear The Angels 5. What Christmas Means To Me 6. Carolina Christmas 7. What More Would It Take 8. Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem 9. Glory In The Story 10. Christmas Prayer 11. The Reason Why $20.00 (s&h included) ONE OF THESE DAYS - CD Including Songs… 1. One Of These Days 2. Going Home 3. Have Faith 4. In The Hands Of The Lord 5. I'll Sing A New Song 6. When He Comes Back Again 7. By My Side 8. Reward Enough For Me 9. Til The Storm Passes By 10. One Day The Redeemed 11. The Greatest Man I Ever Knew $20.00 (s&h included) DON’T LOOK BACK - CD Including Songs… 1. Don't Look Back 2. That Wonderful Name 3. Jerusalem 4. Don't You Wanna Go 5. One Of His Bride 6. I Sing Praises 7. Take My Hand 8. Jesus Is Always There For Me 9. He Did It For You 10. Child Of God 11. My Heavenly Home $20.00 (s&h included)