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"When    it    comes    to    Spirit-inspired    songwriting,    uplifting performances,   and   annointed   ministry,   the   Shireys   are   the complete   package!   I've   had   the   experience   to   see   them   in both   concert   and   church   settings,   and   they   are   equally powerful.   I   would   highly   recommend   using   them   for   your next event." - Bill Bailey  (Concert Promoter) "You    know    I    have    a    love    for    family    ministries.    I    can honestly   tell   you   this   family   has   it   together...their   vocals, their   love   for   the   Lord   and   others.   You   want   to   be   blessed, you   must   hear   this   family.      You   will   fall   in   love   with   them, as I have." - Jason Crabb "What   an   awesome   talent   the   Lord   has   given   this   family. They   are   truly   anointed.      Having   known   them   for   over   15 years,   I   can   honestly   say   they   are   the   real   deal.      Their witness   and   testimony,   along   with   their   singing,   uplifts   and glorifies    the    Lord    in    every    way.        You    will    definitely    be blessed by this ministry." - Bill Shivers  (Brian Free & Assurance) "We   (The   Perrys)   sang   with   the   Shireys   several   years   ago for   the   first   time   and   I   was   immediately   blown   away   by their   talent.   Victoria   and   Rachael   are   great   young   singers and   their   parents   have   reared   them   to   sing   about   the   only One   worth   singing   for.   I   think   they   are   great   as   singers   and even greater as people!" - Joseph Habedank "The   Shireys   are   a   great   family   group   with   great   family harmony.    God    has    really    blessed    Darlene    and    Victoria, with   the   gift   of   song   writing.   Better   than   all   of   that,   they sing with an anointing." - Corey Pearson  (The Diplomats) "Since   the   first   time   I   heard   the   Shireys   sing   on   stage   till we   finished   recording   their   first   Paradigm   Music   Group project,   I   have   been   overwhelmed   by   the   anointed   singing, class,    professionalism    and    talent    level    of    this    singing family.   Not   only   do   they   sing   at   a   level   with   the   best   in their   genre   of   music   but   their   singing   paints   word   pictures that   stir   the   soul   and   challenge   the   heart.      Most   of   the songs   on   their   new   project   were   written   by   Victoria,   a   truly gifted   psalmist   and   singer,   Darlene   (Mom)   is   a   song   writer and   anointed   singer,   younger   sister   Rachael   sings   the   high part   and   recently   wrote   her   first   song   which   is   included   on the   new   CD.   Wayne   (Dad)   rounds   out   the   family   sound with   a   smooth   vocal   that   ranges   from   tenor   to   bass.      I believe   this   family   will   be   at   the   top   of   the   class   in   a   short period   of   time.   Their   music   will   fit   in   at   any   church   or event,   their   sound   will   be   loved   by   all   who   hear   it   and   you will love the Shireys as individuals and as a Family." - Calvin Gann  (Paradigm Music Group / President)


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