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Wayne To Undergo Gallbladder Surgery & Darlene Update - 11/4/21 West Columbia, SC - Wayne is scheduled to undergo surgery to remove his gallbladder that bursted back in September, on November 10th, 2021. The doctor is planning on doing the surgery lapriscopically, however depending on what they see when they make the incision, they may have to cut. Prayers are there will not have to be any cutting and that things will go smoothly. He has fully recovered from his heart surgery, and the doctor has given him the clear! He is feeling so much better and excited to get back to every day life. Darlene is recovering well from her stroke. She was told by physical therapists that it could take up to a year for her to fully regain mobility, but she is showing great improvement! God is good! She will be meeting with her doctor on November 5th, 2021 for a scan on her gallbladder to determine if she will also need gallbladder removal surgery. She developed gallstones a few months back, while in the hospital recovering from her stroke. She successfully went through two weeks of intense physical therapy at a facility in Columbia, SC. Wayne and Darlene would like to thank everyone for your prayers and donations through this difficult time. They were able to sing again for the first time last week in Pigeon Forge, TN since June 2021. They are planning on going back on the road full time, come January 2022 and are booking dates now for the new year. Wayne Undergoes Triple Bypass Open Heart Surgery & Darlene Suffers Stroke - 8/15/21 West Columbia, SC - Wayne and Darlene Shirey of The Shireys have been traveling and spreading the Gospel of Christ through Southern Gospel music for over 30 years. They travel full time all across the country. In addition to being their full time ministry, this is their primary source of income. On July 16th, after a routine check up a few days prior, Wayne had to have a triple bypass open heart surgery. 70 and 80% blockages were found. The surgery went well, and he had been healing wonderfully and quicker than expected. He began experiencing some pain in his stomach and back on August 12th, which got progressively worse and landed him in the ER on August 15th twice. They found that his gallbladder was very inflamed and are looking at a possible second surgery to remove his gallbladder. While in the ER the second time, Darlene started experiencing paralysis in her right leg, along with dizziness. They immediately admitted her and started running tests. They sent Wayne home with pain meds until they can decide if surgery is absolutely necessary. Darlene’s test results still have not been determined at this point, but they feel that she may have possibly had a mini stroke, as her entire right side is now experiencing partial paralysis. This is a very concerning time for them both and has prolonged recovery time. They really need our prayers and support right now, as well as their family. Wayne and Darlene Shirey have given so much to Southern Gospel music and devoted their lives to the call that God has placed on them. Many times they have been a help to others in need, but now it’s their turn. The recovery time will be nothing short of several months, which means all of their dates/travels have temporarily come to a halt. During this time, they need your help. They are anxious to get back on the road, and we are believing for complete healing and recovery for both so they can continue their ministry. We ask that you prayerfully consider contributing to help them while they can’t help themselves. They have no idea this has been created, but we want to be a blessing to them, as they have been a blessing to so many of us. We believe in the Great Physician and that He has a perfect plan in all of this. Thank you for your prayers and support for The Shireys! You can donate on Go Fund Me by clicking the following link, UPDATE - 8/19/21 It has been confirmed that Darlene did have a mild stroke that affected her entire right side. The doctor said that it killed some cells in the left side of her brain that is irreversible…but GOD! As of yesterday, the doctor said after further examining the scans, he expects a full recovery, but rehab is crucial. She has already regained movement in her right arm and hand but doesn’t have full control yet. However, that’s still a praise report! She still can’t lift her left leg up off the floor yet. Darlene doesn’t have insurance and isn’t eligible for Medicare until the end of October. They have a social worker trying to help them get some medical assistance to help with expenses. As of right now, no rehab facility is willing to help Darlene without insurance or the finances to cover it. They are saying that rehab will cost anywhere from $9,000-$15,000 per week for at least 2 weeks or more. If they can’t get her help, they are talking about sending her home in the next day or so. Wayne has been trying to heal from his heart surgery a month ago but has been in terrible pain with his gallbladder. After 3 ER visits, they have determined that his gallbladder is inflamed, and he has 2 small cysts on his kidneys. The soonest they can get him in for a HIDA scan is Monday. As of today, Wayne says he is not currently in pain but very weak. All of this is affecting his healing process. He needs medical attention and will more than likely have to go through another surgery in the next week or so to remove his gallbladder. We are just praying for continued relief from pain until he can get something done. Between Darlene and Wayne, their medical expenses will be well over $80,000. We are believing God for miracles for both and for every financial need to be met in full! Please share this link as much as you can. Wayne and Darlene would never ask for help for themselves, but they desperately need it right now. Thank you so much for your prayers, love, and support of this family. Rachael Shirey Flowers Farewell Concert - 12/17/19 Nashville, Tenn – Popular 65/40 Nashville recording artist, Victoria Bowlin will be joining her family, The Shireys, for a special New Year’s Eve reunion concert event on Tuesday, December 31, 7:00 pm, at the Community Church Of Praise in Stockbridge, Georgia. A love offering will be received in lieu of ticket sales. Being billed as a “Farewell Concert,” it will mark the last performance by Rachael Shirey Flowers. Rachael has made the decision to step down from full time traveling ministry so she can spend more time with her family, and be more involved in ministry at her own local church. Of the move Rachael states “I feel led to focus on a different type of ministry with my husband in our home church. God has called us to work as a team, and we believe that time is now.” Victoria is pleased and thankful to be able to take time from her own busy touring schedule to join her family, The Shireys, in this important event. She traveled and ministered with her family over 20 years before stepping into solo ministry, with her husband, Aaron Bowlin, five years ago. Victoria stated, “I look forward to bringing in the New Year with my family and watching Rachael step into a new season of life and ministry.” The Shireys will continue to travel and minister, and further information about their future endeavors will be released soon. No concert dates will be missed or rescheduled as they make this transition. Of the upcoming change, Wayne Shirey says, “God has great things in store for The Shireys, and we are looking forward to continuing to travel and minister. We’re not quitting any time soon.” The Shireys Release New Project, All The Way - 3/28/18 COLUMBIA, SC (March 26, 2018) Multi-award-winning trio, The Shireys, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest project entitled, All The Way, recorded at the legendary Crossroads Recording Studios in Arden, NC. Producer, Jeff Collins notes, "Powerful songs along with powerful vocalists make a powerful recording!" This highly anticipated new release showcases beautifully crafted lyrics from industry greats such as Diane Wilkinson, Joseph Habedank, Mosie Lister and many more. Daughter, Victoria Shirey Bowlin, penned four of the fourteen song compilation including their debut single titled, “Because of the Blood,” which is expected to be a heavy-hitter at radio this spring. The Shireys new release highlights the timeless treasures, “Another Empty Vessel,” “I Met the Master,” “Why Should I Worry,” and their title cut, “All The Way.” It also showcases new songs that are sure to become fan-favorites like “That’s How You Know,” “On This Journey to the Throne,” “Awake,” and the power ballad, “Miracle Waiting to Happen.” This talented family trio consisting of Wayne and Darlene Shirey, and their daughter Rachael Shirey Flowers, has blended a variety of music styles on this project that is sure to reach today’s youth and the young at heart. “What an incredible journey this has been for The Shireys. From song selection to Crossroads Studios, we have seen the mighty hand of God at work and simply can’t wait to share this music with others,” remarks Wayne. All The Way is available for purchase through The Shireys website at www. or by digital download at iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. If you would like to interview The Shireys contact Southern Gospel Media at or 864-580-3686. W ayne and Darlene welcome Grandbaby #4 - 1/29/18 Wayne and Darlene welcome Grandbaby #4, James Joseph Taylor to the family! Their son, Chris and Daughter-in-law, Jenny are thrilled to have another addition to their family, James making their third little boy. Mommy and Baby are doing great! The Shireys To Record New Music - 10/30/17 West Columbia, SC (October 30, 2017) The Shireys are continuing to take bold steps that will impact the world of Southern Gospel music. In the coming days, Wayne and Darlene Shirey, along with their daughter Rachel Shirey Flowers will travel to North Carolina to begin recording new music. The project was announced today in Arden, NC. The Shireys will work with Crossroads Recording Studios to record a project that will share their love of music and the great message of Jesus. “We are so excited to get back in the studio. God has told us to be bold for such a time as this,” said Wayne, The Shireys spokesman. Darlene stated, “We are holding nothing back! Wayne and I feel strongly that there are so many who need the hope of Jesus. The next generation of Gospel singers are here today and we need to be sure to pave a road for them to reach their generation.” The new project, yet to be titled, will feature songs written by the best in gospel music. Darlene’s special gift of writing will be highlighted, along with songs penned by their other daughter, Victoria Shirey Bowlin. Recently, The Shireys were featured guest of the Main Stage at the National Quartet Convention held in Pigeon Forge, TN. After presenting their music in a morning Artist’s Showcase, a panel of judges awarded the opportunity to The Shireys who capped off the evening concerts. Unique to The Shireys is that they are a two-generation family that brings experience from the past to the music of today with a special blend of tight family vocals. Wayne and Darlene Shirey are no strangers to Gospel music. Their families are rich with ministry heritage from music to preaching. Today they stand with their daughter, Rachael Shirey Flowers. This gifted young singer is a powerhouse vocalist that adds much energy and passion to The Shireys performance both on and off the stage. For more information on The Shireys, visit Follow The Shireys on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media outlets. The Shireys Chosen For NQC Main Stage - 9/28/17 The Shireys were honored to be chosen from the Artist Showcase, held at the National Quartet Convention in Pigeon Forge, TN on Thursday, September 28, 2017 to appear on the Main Stage. This is the first time they have ever appeared on the NQC Main Stage. They performed a song written by Darlene Shirey, “Hands Of The Lord”. They were thrilled and count it a blessing! Welcome Kason Vann Flowers! - 7/15/17 Congratulations to Rachael and Zach on the new addition to their family! Kason Vann Flowers was born Saturday, July 15, 2017 at 9:31 am. He weighed 6lbs 5oz and was 19 inches long. Rachael and Zach couldn’t be more thrilled and are thankful for a healthy baby boy! IT’S A BOY!!! - 3/11/17 IT’S A BOY!!! Rachael and Zach are thrilled to announce that their baby will be a boy! They are naming him Kason Vann Flowers. We can’t wait for his arrival on August 2nd! Baby Flowers Coming Soon! - 12/25/16 Congratulations to Rachael and Zach, who just found out they are expecting their first baby! Baby Flowers is due August 2nd. Please be in prayer for a safe and easy pregnancy and delivery, when that time comes. The Shireys on Gatlinburg Gathering Main Stage - 8/20/16 Congratulations to The Shireys, who were chosen to sing on Main Stage at Gatlinburg Gathering 2016 from the Saturday afternoon Artist Showcase.

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