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Do   you   have   a   personal   relationship   with   Jesus   Christ?   If   not,   then   it   is   very   simple   to   become   a   Christian.   It's   not   about religion,   it's   about   relationship.   All   you   have   to   do   is   say   a   simple   prayer   of   forgiveness.   After   that,   God   will   help   you   to know   how   to   live   your   life   for   Him.   Now   is   the   time   to   give   your   life   to   God.   The   road   is   not   always   going   to   be   easy,   but God's   always   there   to   hold   you   in   your   hard   times   and   bring   you   out   stronger   than   you   were   before.   Please   give   your   life   to Him   before   it's   too   late.   No   one   knows   the   hour   or   the   day   that   Jesus   is   coming   back,   so   be   ready   at   all   times.   He's   waiting for   you   with   arms   wide   open.   He   wants   to   be   the   center   of   your   life.   He's   knocking   at   your   heart's   door,   just   let   Him   in. Jesus   hung   on   a   cross   and   died   for   you   so   you   could   be   free   from   sin.   This   is   the   most   important   decision   you   could   ever make   in   your   life. You   have   two   choices,   Heaven   or   Hell.   Which   will   you   choose?   Make   the   right   choice.   Here   is   a   simple prayer that you can pray. Dear   Jesus,   I   am   a   sinner.   I   want   to   know   you   as   my   personal   Savior.   I   know   that   you   died   on   the   cross   for   my   sins   and   rose from   the   grave   on   the   third   day.   I   will   believe   in   you,   though   I   cannot   see   you.   Please   come   into   my   heart   and   forgive   me   of my   sins.   I   know   that   I   have   done   wrong   in   your   eyes,   and   I   pray   that   you   will   help   me   live   my   life   for   you.   Let   your   will   be done   in   my   life.   Thank   you,   Lord   for   being   my   friend.   I   will   do   my   best   for   you.   I   surrender   everything   to   you,   Jesus.   In   Your name I pray, Amen.